S.E-CC*:12 Edit

Man apparently talking on phone. Says someone is not going for it. Asks about fallback. Gives affirmative and hangs up phone. Begins talking to a General and orders him to stand down. Insists that the protocols have changed. Wearily says that he doesn't have time for this and apologizes, then relieves him. Pause. "Understood." Then static.

S.E-CC*:52 Edit

Female computerized voice. Describing computer interactions, ongoing hacking?

S.E-CC*:92 Edit

Man describing a masonic organization known as P2. Operate shadowgoverments in eastern Europe, and handles vatican finances. Seems to be part of a news report. Death of Italian banker.

Seems to be a report of a real-world event in 1982:

Transcript Edit

"City of London police have identified the body found last week beneath London Bridge as one Roberto Calvi, resident of Rome. Italian authorities searching for the disgraced former banker have been notified. Cause of death has been determined to be suicide. Calvi, known as God's Banker, for his involvement in Vatican finances, had ties to the discredited freemasonic group "Propaganda Due". P2 was disowned by Freemasonry and later banned by the government for their role in Operation Gladio, a secret NATO plan to establish shadow military governments throughout Western Europe and South America. Although Calvi's death has been deemed suicide, several questions have been raised. Calvi's body was found hanging from Blackfriars bridge. P2 were known to refer to themselves as the Frater Neri[1], or, the Black Brothers. Blackfriars Bridge borders the City of London, near a historical epicenter of masonic and Knights Templar entry. In the wake of the Operation Gladio[2] scandal, calls have been made across European Parliament for a full-scale investigation into Calvi's and P2's involvement. So far, no further action has been taken. Critics claim that these 'shadow governments' have already taken control. Several investigations into these allegations have collapsed, as many government officials refuse to cooperate, citing personal safety. Calvi's true role in the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano and the 700 million to 1.5 billion allegedly siphened in the Vatican's coffers may never be fully known. Though he rose to an elite position of wealth and power, it is for his association with an esoteric secret society and the strange manner in which he took his life that Calvi will be forever known."

S.E-CC*:136 Edit

Man ordering shutdown of communcations. Callers on all lines (Knights?). Goes over into random noise. Low voice talking in the background. Radioshow being shut down? Talking about the UFOs over LA described in comics.

Notes Edit

  1. unsure about this. Could be nigri

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