This is the first of the files tracking Gideon, followed by Manhattan and City of London.


Pahana: So, we have a problem.

Gideon: How did you get this number? It's not even my phone.

P: A little mentor trumpets all you do.

G: Great. You know the police are outside my house? They're calling it treason. You've got no idea how much trouble you've gotten me into.

P: I showed you the truth. Others have found that to be a great gift.

G: I'm not talking about your gifts. I tried to help you and you burned me. They think it was me. Why would you log in with my account?

P: Calm down. You're in danger, but not from any police. I can save you, Gideon, but first I need the access codes. Don't lose sight of what's truly important. You can change history.

G: You don't get it, do you? The codes are useless. I'm completely cut off. I can't work. I can't leave the country. You want these codes, you tell me how I can fix this.

P: I will tell you this much. You need to hammer(?) the bracelet. That will at least get the police off your case.

G: That's with the obelisk, right?

P: I'm impressed. You decoded the book.

G: Enough of it. Where do I go?

P: You cannot enter a city of the gods. They consider you a criminal. Unclean.

G: How many orbits?

P: Six. They count inwards, but you don't know--

(Gideon hangs up)

P: Hello?

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