OLD.BKS is an abstract data repository in the form of a video, which provides important information for the fledgling members of the Darknet.

Transcript Edit

This message is for the sender of old books and photographs.

I know now.

I know what they're afraid of.

When the world sees the truth / They'll lose everything.

All their work.


I'm ready to work with you.

I'm ready to share everything I have.

(letter I is shown)

(letter M is shown)

We have to move quickly.

I don't know how much longer / I can keep this up for.

You know the location.

Five steps down.

Five steps up.

The key is rotting.

(letter N is shown)

682, twenty-three, 615, 7 sixty-seven.

When you have seen what i've seen, all you questions will disappear.

Symbols shown Edit

The video also shows symbols from the Webdings font. They symbols seem to match up with what the voice is saying (i.e. eye=seeing, knowing, ambulance=quickly). It is unclear at the moment whether these symbols have a hidden meaning.

For those interested, the symbol sequence is as follows:

[Horn], [Temple], [House], [Eye], [Houses], [Eye], [Skyline], [Cyclical Arrows], [Ambulance]

The Webdings shown are comparable to the letters ' U G H N B N C ` h'

Interspersed with the letters shown in the video, the sequence becomes: U G H B N C ` I M N