This is the second of the clips tracking Gideon, preceded by Pasadena and followed by City of London.

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Pahana: A friendly warning: they rounded up your entire team at NASA. Will they find the back door?

Gideon: They'll find it, but they can't disable it. Not without a shuttle mission.

P: What happened?

G: I went to the obelisk. The needle. I walked around it. Nobody approached me. Nobody talked to me. Nothing happened. I started to think maybe this was all some sort of elaborate scam. I went to the police and turned myself in.

P: Gideon...

G: No charges. No warrants. The police aren't looking for me. According to their records they never were. I'm not on any watch list.

P: The police were never any threat. It does not mean that you are safe. Gideon, either you help yourself now or you help everyone but yourself. You understand? You have a choice to make

G: Yeah, I'm the emperor of ice cream... [1] Tell me, how would I save myself, if that's what I chose?

P: If you make your peace with them you will make enemies of us. You cannot deceive them.

G: Tell me!

P: In one of their cities you have a backer among them. A friend. A supporter. Do you know who this is?

G: No.

P: You would have first met him when you were still a child. He would have presented himself as a distant relative or an old family friend. How do I access the satellite?

G: Cats see things. When did I last seen him?

P: They like to show up for special days. Graduation, weddings, births. He got you your job. How do I take control?

G: There's a global network of ground stations. One of them always has line of sight. As it orbits the satellite switches between these stations. That's your window, the hand-off. That's when you need to seize it. How do I find him?

P: The letter I gave you[2], it was meant for him. What do I need to build my own ground network?

G: One ground station isn't enough. As soon you lost line of sight they'd seize control. You need relay satellites around the entire planet. You need a ground network to control the relays. It would be impossible. The letter... What does the letter tell me about him?

P: It tells you where he lives. It tells you what he sees. I may know of a group that can help. We can build the network. Gideon... the access codes...

G: Are they listening?

P: Almost certainly.

G: Then they'll know I told you nothing.


  1. This refers to the eponymous poem by Wallace Stevens.
  2. this letter? (GID.DIR#INTERNAL)

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