End message

Final GR.AIL screen

This seems to be a list of times, locations, and regions of a broadcast to listen to. At the bottom of the page is a copy of the last transmission.

The listed 1296.040 MHz frequency belongs to the UHF band, and is usually allotted for ham radio. This specific frequency is often used for moonbounce communication.

The region symbols from GL.BAL.FORAGER can be found under each of the ten broadcasts.

Broadcasts Edit

  1. 12-18 UT: 17:30:00 - 18:30:00 CASUS, AMAZON, NAE, KUSH
  2. 12-18 UT: 23:00:00 - 24:00:00 NAW, AUSIA, CASUS
  3. 12-19 UT: 18:00:00 - 19:00:00 CASUS , AMAZON, NAE, KUSH
  4. 12-20 UT: 00:00:00 - 01:00:00 NAW, AUSIA, CASUS
  5. 12-20 UT: 18:30:00 - 19:30:00 CASUS, AMAZON, NAE, KUSH, NAW
  6. 12-21 UT: 18:30:00 - 19:30:00 CASUS, AMAZON, NAE, KUSH, NAW, WEUR
  7. 12-22 UT: 02:30:00 - 03:30:00 AUSIA, NAW
  8. 12-22 UT: 19:30:00 - 20:30:00 CASUS, AMAZON, NAE, KUSH, NAW, WEUR
  9. 01-01 UT: 01:30:00 - 02:30:00 NAE, CASUS , WEUR, KUSH, NEURO, AMAZON, HYRCAN, MESAI
  10. 01-01 UT: 12:30:00 - 13:30:00 AUSIA, PASIA, RUS, NAW

Transcript Edit

You have warned us of the Grail.

We know you. You are not the enemy.

Those who came here before you, they are the enemy.

They are inside you. Look within your high places.


This is not the first time you have heard these words; but it will be the last.


You are failing. What was told to you, you forgot.

What was missing, you let them bury.

All you have left is what cannot surrender.


Long ago, this is what you asked us to tell you.

The watchers have been among you since the beginning.

They are few but soon they will return - all of them.


Know this:


They rule from the five cities. But the cities move but you will always know them by their Obelisks.

It is a reminder of who they are; where they came from.

It is a reminder of their power over you.


The Pyramids are machines of great energy, but they are also tools of war.

On the island, in the New Sea, are 43,000 who died for what was in their bones.


What happens now? The end of the Age of Man.

But this could be just the beginning. It will be up to you!

Remember this: From your bones will arise an avenger.

From your war will arrive, the truth!

Received Transmissions Edit

  1. File:EME12-22-2009.ogg
  2. File:tweaked+lunar+transmission.wav
  3. File:trans-0101-1296.wav