This is commentary on the interrogation of Gideon by LaFontaine by two men who are apparently on Gideon's side, or at least not on LaFontaine's.

Transcription Edit

Man 1: We can't just sit here, we have to do something.

Man 2: Pull yourself together, we don't even know where he is. Just listen and hope he sneaks something out.

1: The voice is a match, it's LaFontaine.

2: Ehh, he seems conflicted, like he actually cares.

1: Oh, yeah, he's a real sweetheart. What's that supposed to mean? Doesn't sound right. And he said "it", it was inside.

2: Third eye... I think he's talking about the pineal gland.

1: (chuckles) Oh, he's a new-ager.

2: Quiet, did you hear that last bit? It can't be disabled, they can't take it from us, all we need now are the codes...

1: Which ones? Malta, Viria[1], Lebanon? What others are we looking at?

2: There's also Davilis[2], and a number in Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. But... I don't think he means any of those.

1: He's talking about that pain in the ass who says he's trying to help.

2:. Shh, there, just now, did you catch that? Yeah, he said that before, in the same way.

1: He's not even fighting, he's just giving it up, just like that.

2: There, again, that's from before! No, I- I think before was from now. Listen, here and there words repeat, that one was compiled from this one.

1: This is a tape! Then how old is it? They have him on drugs of some kind, no way he would just give it all up like this so easily.

2: Non Surrexit Maior[3]... Ah, that's from...that's from the Bible, I think? Matthew? Maybe? But it's been changed, or... edited.

1: This guy is crazy.

2: Nah, I don't think so, his voice seems... I dunno, it's filled with... power.

1: Wallace Stevens[4], it's been on the tip of my-

2: Shut up--this is big.

1: The code, he says he gave it to him.

2: Quick, rewind, let's work through it again.



  1. Not sure about this place name
  2. Spelling? Can't find reference to any place with this name.
  3. Latin, "None Greater Risen", see interrogation for context.
  4. Referenced here.
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