GW5N:23 Edit

Man talking about the bodies that have been hidden in a temple, when westerners come and find the bodies.

GW5N:45 Edit

Narration of some sort. Square Mile, Obelisk, Washington Monument, Buenos Aires, St. George, Tiamat, Marduk city state, CIA Knights of Malta, Richard Galen, operation paperclip all mentioned.

GW5N:64 Edit

Man talking on phone, gets in taxi. Taxi takes him to the wrong place. There is talk of a betrayal by the driver. Syncs to Duga-@:113 and GW5N:64.

GW5N:84 Edit

Military man at riot in Moscow. Falls back, in face of overwhelming odds. Tries to contact command, tells them to stop. "My soldiers are not your guinea pigs". Vows to make Command pay. Syncs (if a bit confusing) with GW5N 161,

[???] reporting. We are in position outside [???]. Large crowd entering Red Square by [???]. What is our orders?

Okay. Let them come. Lock on. Ready guards![?]

Take video of their face, huh? There is next generation riot control. [laughs] Crazy. Look at them. Moscow is Russia. What do they care? Moscow is Moscow. She hates everybody!

Guards! Lock them in there! Now!

[strange humming starts]

Line, fall back! Fall back! What the hell is happening?

Command, stop this test! My unit is being destroyed. My men! Don't go after them! Vasily, hold! Command, this is [unintelligble]. Command! My men are not your goddamned guinea pigs! Stop this test immediately!

Command, this is Capitan Roman Vaitkov[?] of [???] Bridgade. You [???] will pay for this crime.

GW5N:114 Edit

Woman talking to someone on phone in car while music plays. "Fireman" comes over, and steals car, with woman still inside. Automatic fire follow.

GW5N:133 Edit

Man talking to Gideon. Talks with a calm and determined voice. Demands access codes. Syncs with GW5N 133 and 10L-A11 91.

GW5N:161 Edit

Voice over loudspeaker at some sort of test. Talking about "CS dispersal". Seizures widespread, talking about Moscow's independence. Syncs (if a bit confusing) with GW5N 84.

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