Some woman guides John through a building by phone, disabling security systems on the way. She questions John about project "Altar Skies"



John: Which way?

Unknown Woman: There should be a door, left of the elevator. You were on the Altar Skies project? I didn't see you listed-

J: Yeah, I was transferred in. Uhm, the door, it's locked.

W: One sec... what was the project's purpose?

J: We, uh, Gideon got access to some old Pentagon satellites? Sub trackers, you know, [unintelligible] hunters? (Unsure here) They can probe 100 feet below the surface.

W: Try it now.

J: That did it... Damn, you guys got in here in a big way.

W: Yeah, security gigs have their benefits. There's stairs right? Go down, two flights.

J: Okay, so, Gideon figured they could also find buried ruins. It started as an academic project, uh, uh, a side thing, but when we started actually finding... uh! There's a camera! Did you disable it?

W: Camera? Uhm, just go, okay, go.

J: Got it.


J: So, we found, a-a-a- I mean, it was incredible but they wouldn't let us disclose, they said it would reveal their sat's capabilities... uhm, I'm here.

W: Okay, now open the door, turn left, down the hall to the end.

J: So, d-defense classified everything. Uh, crazy, right? Old ruins, classified, and then we found out that our sites were being, well we-we thought, looted. Last week, one of them was destroyed, a whole cover story-

W: Okay, I believe you.

J: You know the weird thing? Altar Skies became a priority... to somebody. They gave us access to next gen blackbirds-

W: John, listen. There's a car outside the door. If you get in, there's no turning back. You understand--John?

J: Yeah, I'm here...  let's do it.

W: Drop the phone now.

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