Fire at an Abbey. This is just a rough guide of how the files sync.

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FE-13-a:127: German fire brigade? GW66N:141: Commander 0xff-ed:13: Task Force GW66N:58: Commentary (2 speakers)
We are entering the scriptorum. The library is beyond. It is large and multilevel. The upper structure does not appear sound.
On this fireground, I am in charge. You should never have sent your people in there. I will not risk my own men. Understood. Proceed with haste. Copy that. The sanctum sanctorum incunabulum will be somewhere beyond the baroque main hall. It will be hidden. Command, please advise. A. Did you see that? They actually went in. They're insane. The Voynich manuscript must be important to them.
My God, what a catastrophe. This is an abomination. I demand to speak with your superiors. What now? Put him on. Command, please advise. B. Nobody's ever cracked it. Around 500 years old with biological, cosmological, and medical components.
You fool, you release us from that hell hole and demand we fight this? Chief, you forget to whom you are speaking. Do not take that tone with me. B. There's 7 missing pages. And these 5 surfaced a month ago. / A. Copy that. The central section is the most important.
I will talk as you deserve. You give me men I do not know. Incompatible equipment. Please remind the good chief to mind his manners. Situation deteriorating. Command, where's the incunabulum? A. Makes sense it would be here. The codex is also in there. Was in there. The plan? The most advanced of its day? Nobody knows if it was ever built.
Okay okay okay okay, please just [static] Yes, received. There's a hidden door to the far northeast corner of the room. Set in the floor. Command, we have it, but access route collapsed. A. Oh, that's not natural. It's spreading too quickly. We didn't start it so who?
Come in the Heifellin[?], come in. I need to move closer. There is a tunnel back to the main residences. It must come out of the original Abbot's quarters. Understood. on me. Move move move
I know, just do it. The Abbey is one of our greatest treasures, and we will save it. Damn this farce[?]. Pitting billions against the Japanese for our own property? Now after 1300 years, this library suddently ignites. Command, we are clear. Damage to the package appears minimal. We-- A. 3 o'clock. Unbelievable.
[Unintelligible] GPM from Centcom and maintain available flow. There, there, they are out. How in the hell did they? Command, be advised, we are under att-- B. Give up people. These guys are harder than cockroaches to kill. Move out.
Now what? Get out there. Get out! Are you still on this line? Avoid contact. You were never there. Return to base immediately. Yes, sir. Move it. We have orders to retreat. Let's go, let's go.
Enough, you can play cops and robbers but I will not risk these men. You may kill me, but I will not allow-- Yes, chief. A. Three. Failing to engage. They're running.
Fine. Kill him. Have the news say it was arson. No, say it was an accident. Then blame the fire brigade's incompetence. B. Copy that. In pursuit.

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I split this up into 3 files because it's impossible to listen to all 4 going at once. GW66N141 is what ties them all together.




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