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Woman: What exactly are you implying?

Man: Listen close. The exaggerated randomness suggests they knew exactly where to go.

W: I take great offense at your unfounded accusations, Inspector. My employees are beyond reproach, I assure you.

M: There was no sign of forced entry. The alarm goes offline for 20 minutes. Very convenient.

W: Security is contracted out. Perhaps you should look into the people who installed the system.

M: We have. They're legitimate. But you've used a number of firms. You sure about all of them?

W: Since the incident in 1997, we have overhauled security with upgrades by various firms. We have 160 cameras! We will find who did this.

M: Sure, sure. The pattern of activity suggests the Lycurgus Cup went first, the rest following to make it look random. Did you get any recent unusual inquiries about it?

W: Now that I think of it, there was a company asking about ancient nanotechnology...

M: And you didn't think that was maybe suspicious?

W: They're based in Sparta, in Illinois. I have the address here somewhere. Yes, they were quite insistent... wait, what did you just say? How do you know about this?

M: Thanks very much. You've been a great help. My office will be in touch.

W: We didn't mention that to the media. It wasn't on the list.

M: I see here you personally contracted the latest upgrade. Were you aware that firm is a subsidiary of the corporation in question?

W: What insurance company did you say you were with again?

M: And that would make you a suspect in a criminal investigation.

W: Who are you? Don't give me that, you're not the police! MI-5? CIA? Tell me! I'm calling the ministry right now!

M: [speaking over her] Someone will call you. Thank you, miss. Have a nice day.


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