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Woman: I'm putting together a team to rip down the rat line. You in?

Toby: Oh, come on! I'm sorry, but Mimmett[1] got rounded up 'cause he was being stupid and careless. The fiber's fine where it is.

W: Four-six-seven dash twenty, did you hear that intercept? They've got complete access to our backbone. No way, we're pulling it.

T: You do understand, right? The fiber itself? Without a terminal and a key, it's just... it's just carrying so much noise.

W: Give them nothing. Not a little bit, not one thing they can use, right? We give them nothing.

T: Yeah, but I mean... don't you think you're going just a little bit overboard?

W: We're all overboard, you need to accept that. The Darknet's our rat. And when the shark...

T: (Interrupts) I get it, I get it. The big bad ocean, hell, you really hate their guts, don't you?

W: I thought we all did.

T: Well, sure, but it's personal for you. You almost sound like you've been... you know.

W: ...what? What?

T: Aw, hell, I'm sorry. You know what, it's none of my business.

W: I used to work for them. You know what dual-use weapons are? Nonlethals? Fifth-gen containment programs?

T: No! And don't bother telling me, either. I have a hard enough time getting to sleep at night as it is.

W: Toby, I've still got people inside, you understand? I'm trying to get them out, and that's when they're the most vulnerable. If anything were to happen because we were careless...

T: Yeah, okay. So. The fiber, what do you want to replace it with?

W: Gwen and Alice.[2]

T: Who the hell is that?

W: I'll contact you. Watch your drop.

T: Hey, something's been bugging me. Maybe you'd know.

W: What?

T: Do you think DARPA planned all this? Back in the 60's? You think they knew?

W: What, the net?

T: Yeah, the net. And Echelon, Main Core, the whole thing.

W: Hell, Toby.

T: What?

W: Go outside! You're starting to sound like some kind of conspiracy freak.

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File:ECCMCDK 52 and 0xff-ed 36.ogg

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  1. He gives a proper name, maybe not Mimmett.
  2. Based on Toby's response, it could be "Gwen Inellis", a single person.
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