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Man 1: The decision has been made. We are leaving. Arrangements are already underway.

Man 2: You didn't even try to fight them, did you?

1: How often must I remind you? We serve more than ourselves. All of South America will be cut off. They're right to be concerned.

2: And where should they want us to run and hide, hm? Moscow?

1: Driver? Estación Corrientes.

Driver: Si.

1: Yes, they've finally fallen into our orbit. The city's going through its birth pangs even now.

2: It's not even been 20 years since we made this city. We'll look like fools if we leave now. Worse! Cowards!

1: Cowardice is (unintelligible). We are merely moving uphill as the tide comes in. You should be thrilled. Think what they will put at our disposal.

2: Tanks and aircraft - what use will they be?

1: Yes, I suppose. In any case, the decision is made. We are all leaving.

2: Not all.

1: Uh, driver, I said Corrientes! The Obelisk! I wish to see--

2: I'm sorry.

1: What? What have you done? What have you done?

2: You're old. You've forgotten how to fight, and what's coming is war.

1: Think... think for just a moment! What can you even hope to accomplish? If you betray one of us--

2: You betray us all. It is as you said. We will be cut off. But we will fight!

1: This is folly, do you hear me? Absolute folly!

2: For three years and three months, one night and one day...[1]

1: Stop this...

2: He bled... and the warrior was no traitor anymore....

1: You fool!

2: But a hero.


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  1. Babylonian Creation Myth: "He set the seal of his life before his face / He grasped it, and he slew the dragon. / For three years and three months, one day and one night / The blood of the dragon flowed. "
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