DUGA-@:24 Edit

Sirens, Whistles, and lots of  people panicking. Then, a strange noise overwhelms the other noises, and it sounds like some words are spoken, but are intelligible.

DUGA-@:46 Edit

Some woman guides a man (John) through a building by phone, disabling security systems on the way. She questions John about project "Altar Skies" Syncs to: Fe-13-a 27 and DUGA-@ 46

DUGA-@:81 Edit

Begins with people milling aroundt for quite a while. Applause as the band breaks into a song. Soon, what sounds like a gunshot echos through the arena, and the singer shouts "Oh my God! I'm shot! Am I shot?" The rest is of screaming as the people flee and the singer tries to sort things out. Syncs to 0xFF-ed:153, DUGA-@:81, and BCK DR:61

DUGA-@:113 Edit

One half of a phone conversation. Talking about an upcoming war and the old age of the other man. Syncs to Duga-@:113 and GW5N:64.

DUGA-@:133 Edit

One half of a phone conversation. American sounding man talks about a lot of things. A tape, Wallace Stevens, and some strange noise are in the conversation. GW66N 62 and DUGA@ 133.

DUGA-@:145 Edit

One half of a conversation. Man talking about a temple, his men. Discovers a secret area in a temple. Syncs to DUGA-@:145 and BCK DR.

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