[beginning is out of sync, as if both speakers are talking to third parties]

General: Give me numbers and weapons.  And can you hold them off?  Good.  I'm sure it's just a com issue.  We'll get it cleared up in no time.  Until then nobody passes.

Unknown: He's not going for it.  Do we have our fallback in position yet?  Yes.  Understood.  You know what to do.

[sync begins here]

U: General?

G: Secretary.  What do you have for me?

U: I don't have time for this.  For the last time, I am ordering you to stand down.

G: You get me an authorization code, that's an order, or you get your people the hell away from my base.  Is that understood?

U: Sir, you need to understand.  [clock chiming in background]  The protocols have been updated.  You're out of the loop.   That's why you can't contact anybody.  You're cut off from command authority.  From everybody.

G: Look.  I don't care if you have to fly somebody here.  If you want this base, I need proper orders.  Until then your men will rot out there.

U: We just don't have time for this.  I'm sorry, General.  You're relieved.

[door opens]

G: What?  Who the hell are you?  Get out of my office!


Shooter: Channel eight (?) secure.  Continuing toward primary objective.

U: Understood.

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