DOK-MTR:12 Edit

Woman talking on an emergency phone center, police. Gunshots before police arrives. Someone takes over the line and declears the area a nogo zone. China Lake Emergency syncs with 10L-A11:72, DOK-MTR:12, GW66N:32, GW66N:167

On a search for China Lake substations the address led me to this

DOK-MTR:34 Edit

Officer talks to someone about communication problems, clock strikes, shouts at someone in a telephone to get authorization codes for the base, then gets shot in his office. Shooter says he's going to "Move on to primary objective."

Companion Audio to S.E-CC :12

DOK-MTR:65 Edit

Narration: man talks about the knights of Malta. Country without a country, issues their own passports and has a seat at the UN.

Transcript Edit

"For over a thousand years, traitors to the crown have been hung at the Tower of London, overlooking the walls of the old city. Yet, The Tower is not actually part of the city it guards. Contrary to popular understanding, metropolitan London and the City of London are separate bodies. The Corporation of London, to give its proper name, is actually actually a modern city-state. Since antiquity, the kings and queens of England have needed permission to enter. Its defensive walls were finally torn down in the 18th century. The symbolic border around The Square Mile as the city is also known, is marked by statues of the dragon defeated by its patron Saint George and captured cannons set in concrete called bollards. The Red Cross of Saint George was used by the crusaders and the Knights Templar, whose headquarters in England still stands at the edge of The Square Mile near Temple Gate. After the Templars dissolution, their properties passed to their rivals, the Hospitallers, today known as the Knights of Malta. Today, the Knights of Malta are the world's only sovereign military force, declared a country without a country, the knights issue their own passports and enjoy UN special observers status and a seat at NATO."

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