This is the third of the clips tracking Gideon, preceded by Pasadena and Manhattan.


(a dial tone is heard in the background, and later an automated message suggesting the use of an operator)

Gideon: I've got no way to contact you. But what I have to say will wait. Because of you I may not have much of a later. I've chosen, and I want you to know I'm going to burn you. I'm going to do everything I can to destroy you. You kept me in the dark, you manipulated me, you fed me lies and half-truths. You spread poison and call it justice. You claim to be a king but you're no more than a waterboy. This doesn't end here, and it doesn't end with me. (hangs up)

LaFontaine: You need help for that anger. Perhaps we might provide it. It's time for you to come in.

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