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P 0xff-ed:13 Abbey Fire male soldier: Situation deteriorating; Access route collapsed; Damage to package minimal; We're under fire; We have orders to retreat
E 0xff-ed:36 Team Recruitment man
R 0xff-ed:45 syncs with BCK_DR:122 OLD.BKS audio
M 0xff-ed:110 Darknet History woman
2 0xff-ed:143 (Memoirs of an old soldier) man, describes what happened at military base in '54
D 0xff-ed:153 Celebrity Assassination man, security guard
B 10L-A1:27 Robbery Followup man, in authority
K 10L-A11:69 (China Lake Emergency) man (cop)
H 10L-A11:91 Interrogation Gideon
10L-A11:153 male soldier talking to officer. Describing how ordered to stand in front of rectangular box.
C BCK_DR:15 Conversation in Ruins woman
F BCK_DR:47 Network Security Two people (one rarely understandable) discuss network security.
D BCK_DR:61 Celebrity Assassination man, assassin
L BCK_DR:104 Broadcast Interrupted man, host of show
R BCK_DR:122 syncs with 0xff-ed:45 woman, describing how 'they' are using NSAP to contact targets.
F BCK_DR:146  Network Security Two people (one rarely understandable) discuss network security.
K DOK-MTR:12 (China Lake Emergency) woman (dispatch)
J DOK-MTR:34 Military Conflict officer talking on phone, being killed
3 DOK-MTR:65 (Narration: The Square Mile) history of Square Mile and knights
O DUGA-@:24 (Russian Riot Control) crowd
G DUGA-@:46 Building Guidance Some woman guides John through a building by phone, disabling security systems on the way. She questions John about project "Altar Skies".
D DUGA-@:81 Celebrity Assassination podium channel
A DUGA-@:113 Betrayal in Car man
I DUGA-@:133 Interrogation Commentary man
C DUGA-@:145 Conversation in Ruins man
ECCMCDK:12 military defense squad being attacked: 'gates stay closed...they are on the move! cease fire! who shot?...need backup!'
E ECCMCDK:52 Team Recruitment woman
4 ECCMCDK:76 (News Bulletin - Death Gideon) man
B ECCMCDK:96 Robbery Followup woman
L ECCMCDK:114 Broadcast Interrupted caller to the show
ECCMCDK:157 man talking to squad following a guy through a building, stairwell, do not engage
G fe-13-a:27 Building Guidance John got guided through a building by an unknown woman. She questions him about project "Altar Skies".
fe-13-a:49 (News Bulletin - Museum Robbery) man
F fe-13-a:84 Network Security girl, intercept of discussion of Gideon and some others
P fe-13-a:127 Abbey Fire man, german accent
fe-13-a:143 Dan Beuller or hacker accessing a military database. Also accesses as Agent Collins and changes Beuller's files
GW5N:23 man talking about bodies hidden in the temple, when westerners come and find the bodies
5 GW5N:45 Narration of some sort. Square Mile, Obelisk, Washington Monument, Buenos Aires, St. George, Tiamat, Marduk city state, CIA Knights of Malta, Richard Galen, operation paperclip all mentioned.
A GW5N:64 Betrayal in Car man
O GW5N:84 (Russian Riot Control) male soldier observing his team getting wiped out
GW5N:114 Woman talking to someone on phone in car while music plays. "Fireman" comes over, and steals car, with woman still inside. Automatic fire follow.
H GW5N:133 Interrogation LaFontaine
O GW5N:161 (Russian Riot Control) 'deployed weapon'-side
GW66N:12 Part of a conversation or interview: Man called Emanuel named after an archologist hired by the vatican. His notes, artifacts, and elongated skulls were "lost" after his death...
K GW66N:32 (China Lake Emergency) man calling in (ambulance driver)
P GW66N:58 Abbey Fire observing man: 'Did you see that!...'
I GW66N:62 Interrogation Commentary man
M GW66N:123 Darknet History man
P GW66N:141 Abbey Fire man, officer, gives command to kill him and make it look like an accident
K GW66N:167 (China Lake Emergency) shooter
J S.E-CC*:12 Military Conflict man talking on site
M S.E-CC*:52 0xff-ed:110 and GW66N:123 (Can be heard in the background of the woman) Female computerized voice. Describing computer interactions, ongoing hacking?
6 S.E-CC*:92 (News Bulletin - Death Roberto Calvi) man
L S.E-CC*:136 Broadcast Interrupted dj booth
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