Two people (one rarely understandable) discuss network security.

Syncs with fe-13-a:84 (you can hear "... that's not an option..." at 0:40 there)


A: I'm worried we're gonna come up short. How much line do you have?

B: We've got thirty-one [unintelligible] meters, but it's just fucked [unintelligible].

A: [unintelligible] yeah, but then we still gotta run north, to link up. We should figure on 42 kilometers.

B: Yeah, [unintelligible]. I get it. I always said - fiber optics is a supply problem just waiting to happen.

A: We can save on fiber. But at least go down into the mains. Tie a tennis ball to the end of the line. Let it drift down [unintelligible].

B: No way, I'm not going down in that sewer. Forget it. We'll just have to, I don't know, maybe rig the [unintelligible] with increased radio.

A: Listen, that's not an option. We have a potential contact inside the military lab. He'll give us zero hour, of course, but it needs to be completely dark.

B: Well, I'm telling you, packet works radio is the way to go. I use it everywhere. I've worked with no more than 10 [unintelligible], just about impossible to intercept.

A: You're not-- What's your terminal hooked up to right now? You're on lasers, right?

B: We read a line of sight into the safe house, yeah, [unintelligible] inside, all packet works. A low-power setup, sure.

A: Hell, you're using an opening to call me right now, and you didn't tell me?

B: Relax, my shop's been running burst radio since [unintelligible] JPL. We went in together through the electricals but we plugged the gaps with packet works but that seemed fine, right?

A: You know we've been losing people, right? Three disappearances in the last week.

B: Oh, come on, people drop out - they change their minds.

A: Orwell, I've [unintelligible] your terminal now. You need to run. Understand? Run!

[noise - coughing?]

B: What about the fiber? Aren't you being a bit pa--


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