10L-A11:27 Edit

Man in authority interviewing someone. Syncs with ECCM(DK:96 and 10L-A11:27.

10L-A11:72 Edit

Sounds like cop on radio. Subject goes "5150". Describes someone who should be dead after suffering severe chemical burns and mentions a substation. Talks to someone else, tells them to calm down and take it easy. Sounds of a struggle. Again protests that he shouldn't be alive. More struggling. Cop tells man to calm down, says he's wounded and in shock. Cop tells dispatcher that the man has armed himself. Hit. Cop tells dispatch that he is running away and has been hurt, the man has his weapon. Talks to another party and asks them to calm the man down. Describes black vehicle and another man on foot who arrive on scene. The man is 6'2" 30-40 years old. The cop tries breathlessly to say something, the sound of impact, then static.   China Lake Emergency syncs with 10L-A11:72, DOK-MTR:12, GW66N:32, GW66N:167

10L-A11: 91 Edit

Gideon being interviewed. Syncs with GW5N 133 and 10L-A11 91.

10L-A11: 153 Edit

Man talking to a military officer. Describes an event where his group was ordered to stand in front of a rectangular box. The other people started falling asleep or talking to himself. Talker and one other unaffected, offered a job in an "Elite Core". When he declined, he was fired from the military, living with his parents, suspects his house is being watched. Part of a conversation.

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